Welcome to Lokole

    Are you interested in learning about Congolese dance, music and culture? Professional dancer Mabiba Baegne started Lokole in Reno, NV, an organization that helps teach and preserve the Congolese culture through dance and music. Mabiba has danced, taught and choreographed all over the world. Our organization does conferences, dance camps and exhibitions to popularize traditional and contemporary African dance in the US. To learn more about Mabiba’s dance history, please click here.

    Performing and Teaching

    Help Mabiba  

    Mabiba is suffering from cancer and need donations to help with the expenses from her recent illness. Please donate to the

    Friends of Mabiba Baegne Breast Cancer Trust Fund.


    Mabiba needs your help. Your $15- $25 donation will make a lot of difference to her cancer treatment plans. Call us to learn more.

    Expand Your Repertoire

    If you are a professional dancer looking to expand your repertoire, then come to us. You’ll be amazed to find that Congolese culture has a lot for you. Contact us today.